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Custom pet memorial stone for pets

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      Welcome to customforpets.com. Customforpets is the neighborhood place for high quality pet memorial stone for dogs and cats. We are a team of enthusiastic developers and entrepreneurs who decided to convert their common experience into this web store. We engage our customers through sharing ideas and providing solutions. Our prime goal is to create a shop in which you can easily find whatever custom pet memorial product you like .


We love our pets more than we love most people . (Who else would wag when we belt out the theme song from Titanic?)

     Pets are friends of human beings, many people and pets in the long years to establish deep feelings, after the death of pets, people will set up memorial stone for pets. The memorial stone based on the pure feelings of people and animals contain many tearful stories.

   "lovely Bill, this is a letter to you. After reading it, I hope you will have a good time over there. The first time I saw you was   eight years ago. At that time, you were so small and cute. We played together. You filled my childhood. Thank you for your   company for so many years, the best patron saint of my life.This is the epitaph written by Anna from the countryside for   his puppy.

   "Thank you for twelve years of company, may you no longer suffer in heaven, Mike. " this is gray-haired Henry's last word  to  his puppy ,listen to his description, Mike has been in poor health in his later years, in the middle of the night will cry painfully loud.

   “Baby, pick up the ball,a 20-year-old Adrian often says this sentence, which is supposed to be   their most common conversation in the past ."It's the time you spend on a rose that makes a rose so important. " The time I shared with my baby created a unique relationship and formed our shared memories. So when it died, I was very sad, death is not terrible, forgetting is, no matter how far I go, I will not forget.  

    We are looking forward to seeing you on customforpets.com enjoying our designs made with a lot of passion.Each piece can be personailzed by selecting the name , time and stones to meet your personal sense of style.


From product design to product completion on the shelves                             

Step 1.  We submit the needs to a professional designer for drawing design. Completed drawings should be reviewed by company executives and customers, which usually takes about 7 days to design the drawings.

Step 2.  After the draft paper review, we will have a professional engraver to carve, and then beautify the product itself through multiple processes, such as polishing and painting.

Step 3. After the completion of the product production, we will increase the customer requirements, the use of advanced instruments to conduct laser carving of the memorial stone, but use the relevant technicians to edit the customer needs the pictures and text on the computer in advance.

Step 4. The final link is to package the product to send express, and contact the customer products and send.